Monday, 01 September 2014
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Welcome to Top Bloke Day!

You may have stumbled across this site, heard about it on radio, read about it via the web site, seen the article in Beer and Brewer Magazine, seen it in the Central Coast Express Newspaper or it may have been karma (if you believe in that shit)....whichever, this site may well change your life for at least one day a year.

This all came about when I was walking though a store and looking at the card section. Cards for everything. You name it, they have it. That then lead me to think about all the days we (blokes that is) are obligated to attend and the manner we are expected to behave in. There would be a number of days every year where you, as a bloke, would rather be doing something else. If things were left to us blokes, we would do it all differently. An example is Valentines day, you know what you are supposed to do and what you are supposed to buy for your partner, but really if it was down to us, we wouldn't hardly bother - Would we?

The fight back.....

The time has come for men all around the world to have their own day, to do what the hell they want to do with no guilt or regret. For far too long we have been subjected to greeting card companies bullshit, telling us what we should celebrate and when we should celebrate it. So I got to thinking, why can't we have a day once a year where we are able to do what we want? Enter - TOP BLOKE DAY. There ain't no reason why not. Of course you can't just celebrate the day without meeting some sort of criteria, that would be too easy.

The criteria had to be tough or else anyone could be classified as a Top Bloke. "How the hell does that work for fuck's sake?" I hear you say. Well, you have to have done something within the last 12 months that qualifies you to be a Top Bloke.

Think about it......have you shouted the first round of beers at the pub? Guess what?....Top Bloke

Have you rescued a mate from pulling an ugly sheila? Guess what?....Top Bloke

Have you ever been out on the piss and went back to your place with a couple of mates, and even though you have had a gut full, you decide at 2am that it might be a good idea to pull out the bourbon? Guess What?.....Top Bloke

Have you ever saved a mate from a near death experience by moving his head out of his own vomit? Guess what?....Top Bloke

Have you ever taken a bullet for a mate? Guess what? Your a bloody madman, but you still qualify (if you're still alive).......Ask your mates if there is anything that you have done where they would call you a Top Bloke. If they say yes, your in.

So here's the plan, once a year, the first Saturday in November, you get to celebrate Top Bloke Day. Since it's inception in 2001, it has grown out of control with more and more blokes taking part in the day. It started off as the first Sunday in November but it has been fine tuned to enable all Top Blokes to hit it a bit harder. You deserve it after all.

There are no cards to be given, no presents to be expected, nothing official from outside influences...just a day for you to do what ever YOU want to do. First thing you will come across is women saying something like "What about Top Chicks Day?". "Fine, get off your arse and do one" is your reply!!! It will only be a matter of time till it all becomes too hard for the women and they give up......It will be half arsed and go off like a firecracker on a wet night.....fizzer

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