Here are some pictures of Top Blokes either enjoying Top Bloke Day or just being Top Blokes

Top Bloke Day Pictures

        Here are some pictures of Top Blokes either enjoying Top Bloke Day or just being Top Blokes.....

                 The 2004 get together

                                                                 We deserve it!!!

        The 2005 Celebrations

        Me with Vic, Todd and Kim

Me launching Top Bloke Day 2006 at STARFM - Central Coast!!! A lot of love in the studio that day

not a shonky on amongst 'em My shout? You gotta be joking Don't make it obvious but there is a dude over there...
That was the worst bowl I have EVER seen I am glad I wore these stretchy jeans Be the ball, be the ball
The Thai branch whooping it up BIG time Top Bloke Day in full force in China!!
         The revolution was worth it...
Being a Top Bloke CAN have it's benefits
In the Carribean!!!
Top Blokes from Tassie. Notice the ute - TOP BLOKE

"Here is a picture of me and some fellow members of the Top Blokes Tasmanian Chapter celebrating. Note the carefully chosen venue (the back of an HZ ute), the provisional Top Bloke (the bloke behind me with the bottle of water in his hand – he never made it in unfortunately) and the presence of a top chick, waiting for someone to get off their arse and start a Top Chick’s Day (though she may have just been resting prior to firing the barbie up for us top blokes; my memory of the weekend is a bit hazy…)" Talk about an over achiever - This bloke is RIGHT on the coin!!!!

The Dutch Ambassador of Top Bloke Day - Bloody Royalty!!!

This bloke sent me his picture and said: "Based in Amsterdam and thinking of introducing the concept to the Dutch. What do you think? Can a Top Bloke be a non Aussie?" "I will would recommend Amsterdam to you as an excellent Top Bloke location. Tends to bring out the very best in a man. So do consider it for your World Convention concept. I think you will be well oversubscribed. Will send photos of the launch party." Looking forward to the pics....Introducing the Dutch Ambassador for Top Bloke Day. Bloody Royalty!!!! On ya Boag....

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